Yesterday I showed you the utterly fabulous snowflake details at Erin and Corey’s wedding. But really, what stands out about this wedding is the people. Erin was determined to create a laid-back environment where her guests could relax and have fun, and it was a great success! I’m so in love withe Erin’s gown.

Bride at window

Isn’t she lovely? Makeup by Andrea Carter, and hair by Elaine McMichael. Bride at Window

Meanwhile, Corey was wrapped in plastic. Getting his hair cut. By a bridesmaid.

Groom hair cut

And then the groomsmen pitched in to lint-roll any stray hairs. It takes a village, y’all.

lint rolling the groom


Grooming complete, we went on to the first look. Such a gorgeous setting at Villa Christina. First Look at Villa Christina Bride and Groom at Villa Christina

The wedding party is a group of Erin and Corey’s friends that have all been hanging out together for 10 years, so they set a fun, relaxed tone. Fun wedding party   The aisle at Villa Christina is long, making for a great entrance. But if you’re a flower girl, it can be confusing. This flower girl’s uncertainty was just adorable. If her dress, “fur” coat and hat weren’t cute enough, the way she turns around with head-scratching confusion just takes the cake. flower girl not sure

With a little help, she made it. flower girl rescue flower girl rescue Luckily, Erin’s trip down the aisle was less eventful.

bride laughter Ceremony entrance at Villa Christina

The ceremony was just perfect. Not only were there gorgeous details, but it was a nice sunny day with gorgeous blue skies. Wedding ceremony at Villa Christina

I have to take a moment again to gush over this snowflake backdrop by Ashley Pepitone. snowflake ceremony backdrop

And these snowflake details also brightened up the aisle. Snowflake decor

Love their first kiss!

Ceremony kiss at Villa Christina

Oh, I also want to show you these boutonnieres. Love the black and white and winter-y sparkle by Juli Vaughn.Wintery boutonniere Winter boutonniere

But I digress. I want to show you some of the laughter and fun. Like this moment during the toast…

Wedding Toast at Villa Christina

They had a photo booth, with lots of silly props, much appreciated by a fun-loving crowd. photo booth fun

You know what helps everyone be so relaxed and have fun? The bride and her guests could relax and enjoy the day thanks to the planning, preparation, and friendly coordination of Emily at Stella Harper Events. Thanks for making it an awesome day!