Marion and Jesse had an intimate wedding ceremony at their home, and it was FILLED with the sweetest moments. Yesterday you got a sense of Marion’s sweet nature, and today I’m going to show you their ceremony, which was filled with laughter and tears.

Just to back up though, I met Marion and Jesse through Ed Wilson, of Get Wed by Ed. Best name for a wedding ceremony officiant, isn’t it? Anyway, since Ed introduced us, I figured I’d show you a photo of the three of them: Here’s Jesse, Marion, and Ed.

Get Wed by Ed

For the ceremony, they set up a tent in the back yard, decorated beautifully with florals by the groom’s mother, who is a florist. Also decked out was the ring bearer, Ella.

Ring bearer dog

Do you just love the wedding bells on her collar? And yep, that’s a Boise State leash.

Wedding bells on ring bearing dog


Once Ella made her way into the tent for the ceremony, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. She would have been happy to sit down in the back, but with a little nudge from a guest, she made her way down the aisle.

Dog ring bearer stops in aisle


As the ceremony started, I just loved this look on Jesse’s face.

Here is Marion making her way to the tent.

Bride entering ceremony

Remember, you’re not supposed to see the bride before the ceremony!

Covering groom's eyes as bride enters

Once the ceremony started, it was filled with laughter, and tears. I love it when a groom gets choked up!

wedding ceremony

Tearful groom during ceremony

Bride and Groom at altar

I’ll leave you with more sweetness between Marion and Jesse. The way he looks at her is so beautiful, it just warms my heart every time I see these images.

bride and groom

Marion and Jesse

I’ll end with this one… I had gone to get some family members after the ceremony and when I rounded the corner I saw them alone together, all cuddled up and soaking in their first moments of being married. They were so sweet I had to just stop and appreciate the moment (and get a picture).

Bride and groom