Some people just light up any room. When I shot Adriana and Leon’s wedding a few years ago, I got some of my favorite images ever because Adriana was not only stunning, she had a way about her that jumped straight through the camera. Watching the two of them together was so wonderful. So when they called me to do a BiB (Baby in Belly) session, I was SO excited! I love getting to see their family grow, and I love seeing them again. And let me tell you, these two are going to create some GORGEOUS babies.

We had originally planned to do an outdoor session, but with this crazy February weather we’ve been having, we ended up at StudioWed. I’m kind of glad for the bad weather, because I love the cozy, cuddly images of them on the couches. I could have happily taken photos of them all day.

AdrianaBiB-003 AdrianaBiB-026 AdrianaBiB01AdrianaBiB-040AdrianaBiB-041AdrianaBiB-048AdrianaBiB-058 AdrianaBiB-066

AdrianaBiB-073AdrianaBiB-080 AdrianaBiB-085AdrianaBiB-086AdrianaBiB-100 AdrianaBiB05AdrianaBiB-113AdrianaBiB2