I’m not gonna lie, I’m prone to exaggeration. And when I exaggerate, it isn’t the kind that can be mistaken for fact. I’ll say things like “It’s a THOUSAND degrees in here” or “I waited in line for a MONTH”. Or “I ate my weight in pizza” (well, that one could be true). And on many an occasion I’ve been heard saying “this upload is taking FOREVER.” So I thought it was cute that while I was uploading files yesterday, this is what I saw:


Yeah. INFINITY. Fine, computer. You beat me to my own joke.

So today, I’m sprinting through this morning catching up after my technical difficulties this week, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share at least a couple images of Nancy and David. They’re getting married tomorrow, and as I prepare for their wedding I’m remembering the great time we had in Piedmont park at their engagement session. They are such a sweet, affectionate couple ¬†and I’m so excited to get to spend the day with them tomorrow. Look at how adorable they are, don’t you just want to hang out with them? Looking at these images makes me want to just pause, take a moment, and remember how lucky I am to be part of weddings. When these people say “forever”, I really feel like they’ll be together always, and that’s NOT a joke.

Piedmont Park engagement session Piedmont Park engagement session Piedmont Park engagement session