Thirty one degrees and counting this morning. I’ve been waiting for a nice cold morning to show you one of my absolute all-time favorite sessions. Back in December, I went with Michelle Gainey and her family to pick out a Christmas tree! I had SO much fun with everyone, starting with strolling around the tree farm, picking out a tree, then back to the house to decorate it. Just looking at these images makes me happy today. And ironically, today is colder than the day we went to the tree farm!

GaineyXmas2012-003 GaineyXmas2012-004 GaineyXmas2012-008 GaineyXmas2012-016 GaineyXmas2012-018

I love this shot, but can’t decide if I like it better in color or black and white. What do you think?

GaineyXmas2012-023 GaineyXmas2012-024

GaineyXmas2012-031 GaineyXmas2012-035 GaineyXmas2012-039 GaineyXmas2012-042

We started out walking the grounds of the tree farm.

GaineyXmas2012-046 GaineyXmas2012-055 GaineyXmas2012-084 GaineyXmas2012-088 GaineyXmas2012-092 GaineyXmas2012-107-r

Then, it was time to get serious and pick out a tree!

GaineyXmas2012-113 GaineyXmas2012-115 GaineyXmas2012-124

Perfect tree found, we warmed ourselves with hot chocolate and made s’mores by the fire!

GaineyXmas2012-134 GaineyXmas2012-136 GaineyXmas2012-140 GaineyXmas2012-151 GaineyXmas2012-153 GaineyXmas2012-157 GaineyXmas2012-159 GaineyXmas2012-166 GaineyXmas2012-172 GaineyXmas2012-175 GaineyXmas2012-177 GaineyXmas2012-179 GaineyXmas2012-180 GaineyXmas2012-182

Then we headed back to decorate the tree.

GaineyXmas2012-191 GaineyXmas2012-196 GaineyXmas2012-205 GaineyXmas2012-209 GaineyXmas2012-214 GaineyXmas2012-240 GaineyXmas2012-243 GaineyXmas2012-282 GaineyXmas2012-305

There’s something I really love about this image of the girls, each with a hand on Michelle’s heart.

GaineyXmas2012-317 GaineyXmas2012-333 GaineyXmas2012-354 GaineyXmas2012-370



And I love how these two images really show each of the girls’ unique personalities.

GaineyXmas2012-422 GaineyXmas2012-429