I work with a lot of people as their lives change. Weddings, engagements, babies, families growing and changing. So today I want to share with you something from my own life that  could be helpful to all of you as your lives change.

I recently moved into a new place, and when I did my BFF Courtney Goldman gave me the Best. Housewarming. Gift. Ever. It brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s a photo of what she gave me:

Housewarming gift

It was all delivered in an adorable little cooler/picnic basket, and came with this description:


    : to stave off hunger.


    : for a flavourful life.

A Broom

    : to sweep away trouble. It should be left behind when you move again.

A Bottle of Wine

    : for joy.

A Candle

    : to banish bad karma.

A shiny new coin

    : to bring luck and prosperity.

A Jar of Honey or a Bowl of Sugar

    : so the new house really is home, sweet home.

A Bouquet

    • : with an odd number of flowers, for beauty and abundance.

There are a couple bonus items here: Chocolate – because, well, chocolate makes me happy. And the “You Rock” mug, which is just to remind me that I do indeed rock — I guess we all need that reminder sometimes.

Courtney chose the best of all things for each of these symbolic gifts. The sugar is the finest, most amazing sugar I’ve ever seen. The pumpkin bread was incredibly delicious. The energize candle makes the place smell like heaven. And that broom: Have you ever seen such an adorable broom? It makes me happy just to look at it and it remains displayed in my living room.