I read a study that came out last year about how looking at cute animals can actually make people more productive and happy. But what about looking at cute baby humans, does that work too?

The great thing about my job is that if I’m feeling low, I can give myself a little boost by working on a baby session. Today, getting back to work after taking a personal day for myself yesterday, I thought I would start by working on Isaiah’s session. He is 6 weeks old and so adorable, that HAS to give me a boost, right?

I suspect though, that my productivity, while improved by this cute little face, has to take a hit by the amount of time I spend conjuring up lines for what the baby is saying in each photo…

“Hey Cloud, why so low?” (yeah, that’s a line from a Jimmy Dean ad)



“Come on, let’s have a little smile…”


“Let’s think happy thoughts…”


“… And GO GET ‘EM!”


“Don’t make me get rough.”