I’m so excited to show you these details from last week’s StudioWed Champagne and Sweets Soiree. What a great event, where vendors roll out their new seasonal inspirational displays. I’m going to show you all of them, but starting with this modern, utterly fabulous bit of gorgeousness from the front window. This was designed, styled and  planned by A Big To Do Event, with styling and stationery from Foglio Press. I love how they created simple design elements that they pulled through every part of the display, and how they weaved together hard and soft elements to create the perfect mood. Truly inspired.

First… I love the look of squares in the linen, cake, plates and even the GLITTER. Square  glitter, y’all!

Square gold glitter on scroll aisle runner Gold squares linen + gold tipped invitation Square plates on gold and brown square linen Gold square cake

And while I’m at it can I just take a moment to gush about this linen by Nuage Designs? The gold and brown squares just made me fall in love.

Modern tablescape brown gold, paper flowers, squares


And the gold! From the linen to the cake to the stationery to the backdrop/aisle runner, such a rich three-dimensional element.

ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-056 Gold leaf on menu



There’s something so romantic about scrolls, and they brought them into so many creative interesting details. I really love how the scrolls add a romantic, old-world softness to the modern squares to create a perfect balance.

I love, love, love this aisle runner/backdrop scroll for the ceremony.

Aisle runner/ backdrop scroll

Gold text scroll for ceremony backdrop


And the Bride and Groom chair scrolls. Fabulous.

Bride and groom chair scrolls Bride and groom chair scrolls


Okay, are you ready for the best idea ever? Check out these individual cake place cards at each setting, by Perfect Wedding Cake. And the way each mini cake mimics the wedding cake? Wow. These people are NOT FOOLIN’ AROUND.

Individual cake place cards

ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-048 Gold leaf square wedding cake


And now that we’re looking at the cake, I love how the paper flowers were used in  backdrops for the ceremony and reception. (I’m kinda in love with paper flowers right now)

Paper flower backdrops Modern Tablescape Paper flower backdrops ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-073 Paper flower backdrops ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-088 Paper flower backdrops

Another favorite elements is the Sola flowers. They’re in the centerpieces, the aisle decor, and on each place setting. So delicate and sweet!

Sola Flower details Sola Flower details Sola Flower details ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-035 Sola Flower details Sola Flower details Sola Flower details Sola Flower details Modern tablescape brown gold, paper flowers, squares Sola Flower details


And I have to point out this final bit of inspiration. At first glance I loved that the napkin and menu were tied in this paper and sealed with a sola flower. But THEN, I discovered that when you open the paper band, the cake description is on the inside of the band. I don’t know why I love this so much, but I really really do.

ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-062 ChampagneAndSweetsJuly13-068

Rentals here by We Rent Atlanta, drape by Event Drapery, and lighting by Unique Events. Everyone really created a truly inspirational scene!