Lots of us (myself included) get a little nervous when we’re having our picture taken. But don’t sweat it — I’ve got a few photoshoot tips to help you look and feel your best!

What to wear:

  • Your clothes are an expression of your style, so choose something that expresses who you are.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and fit well. Wear something you feel confident in, and colors that flatter your complexion.
  • Solid colors usually work better than stripes or busy patterns.
  • Unless you’re doing seasonal photos, choose attire that works for any season. A heavy sweater won’t look current in the summer, and a sleeveless top and shorts won’t look current in the winter.
  • Think about bringing accessories to change up the look without having to change clothes: hats, scarves, jackets, different shoes are good ways to give a little variety without a full change.
  • Not sure? Bring several looks and we can go over your options before we start, or you can change mid-session to get a couple different looks.



What to Avoid:

  • Turtlenecks
  • Busy patterns or small stripes
  • Logos – unless they are your logo and you want it to be visible in the photo


In the days and weeks before the session:

  • If you’re getting your hair cut, do it a week or two before the shoot, but not in the 1-3 days before the shoot, just in case.
  • If your eyes tend to be red, bring Visene.
  • To keep your skin looking good, drink lots of water, and moisturize daily a week in advance of your shoot. Try not to drink excessively the day before the session. Hangovers are never pretty.
  • Don’t forget about your hands and feet – a mani or pedi in the days before the session is a good idea.
  • Bloating – Nobody wants to talk about it, but if you’re not at your best the day of your shoot, it can sap your confidence. Avoid or restrict high salt and high fat foods 2-3 days before the shoot.
  • Aesthetic procedures – if you want to whiten your teeth or get a facial, make sure you do it a week or more before the session to avoid any unexpected results.
  • Friends don’t let friends spray tan. Natural light skin always looks better than orange and/or splotchy. Trust me.
  • Sun burns and tan lines – Try to avoid the sun in the days before the session. If you have tan lines, make sure they are covered by what you’re wearing. Don’t count on Photoshop to undo your tan lines.
  • Don’t get a spray tan unless it’s part of your normal routine. Pale skin looks better than orange or splotchy.

photo tip: smile with your eyes

Photoshoot Tips for Hair and Makeup

  • I recommend getting hair and makeup professionally done for your session. I can recommend great vendors.
  • If you do your own, remember that you’ll want a little bit more makeup for photos than you’d wear normally. Not a lot more, but a little more, so you feel like yourself.
  • Don’t try any new products on your face or hair the day or two before the session, just in case you have an unexpected reaction.
  • Remember hands and feet are visible too, so a good mani or pedi is a great idea.
  • Avoid products with lots of sparkle or shine – it came appear as sweaty in photos.

Photoshoot tips for hair and makeup, what to wear

What to Bring With You To the Session:

  • Accessories: If you want to get some different looks without having to entirely change outfits, consider bringing accessories like hats, scarves, jackets, vests, or different shoes or jewelry.
  • Props: Props are a personal thing. They can set the stage to show something about who you are. Think about things that are very personal to you or that represent what you like doing. If you play tennis, bring a racket. If you love to travel, try a map or suitcase. Books, signs, candles, wine glasses, games are all great ideas.  Not sure? We can brainstorm together.
  • Makeup, especially lipstick to use for touching up during the session, if need be.