Today, I’ve got more advice from a real bride! Catherine and Jason’s wedding was in April at the Georgian Terrace, a gorgeous Atlanta landmark.

The Georgian Terrace


And now, “meet” Catherine and Jason:

Bride and groom at Georgian Terrace Atlanta

Before the wedding, Catherine and Jason said they wanted their wedding to be: intimate,Playful, flirtatious, romantic, and to show how they’re best friends. And speaking of best friends, they wanted to involve their dog, Dexter. Isn’t he adorable?



Q. What is your best advice for a bride?

Catherine: “Get a planner, even if it is just day off.  Anticipate things will not all goes as planned but it is all worth it day of. And If you want to elope – do it.  Come back and have 1 hell of a party!”

Jason: “Be involved but not too involved.”

My note: C+J’s wedding planner was the always awesome A Big To Do Events. Erica and her team put together a lovely day, and check out this gorgeous decor!

Wedding reception decor at The Georgian Terrace Atlanta


Q. What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

Groom: “How extremely fast it went! It was a blur.”

Catherine: “How calm I was”

Bride at The Georgian Terrace Atlanta


Q: What did you love (or hate) about wedding planning? What made it easier?

Catherine: “I hated most of it because I am so indecisive but my mom and planner made it a lot easier.  Tasting was a lot of fun and all worth it.”

Jason: “Decisions being so complicated.  Getting advice from a professional and someone else’s point of view helped give a different perspective.”

Bastow-259 Bastow-555


Q: What advice would you give to newly married couples?

C+J: Communicate openly, laugh a lot, share your thoughts, compromise, have fun, don’t take everything so seriously, make time for others, maintain independence and meet/hang out with other married couples.



Q: Is there anything about the wedding day you would have planned differently?

C+J: “No, all the planning does pay off but as long as you are open to things not going 100% to plan all is well.”

Bride and Groom at The Georgian Terrace Atlanta


Thanks so much to Catherine and Jason for sharing their experience for the blog! I’ll be back with more photos from their gorgeous wedding!