Are you ready for football season? I am! While I get ready for the first Falcons game this weekend I’m going to recall an event from earlier this year that was such a pleasure to be a part of. The Atlanta Falcons hosted an event called Huddle Up for Miracles, benefitting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.



It’s such a fun event, with lots of opportunity to raise money for CHOA. There were a ton of sports related items up for auction…



But the real highlight of the event was the fact that the Atlanta Falcons players and coaches were the servers for the evening. They tended bar, waited tables, and competed for monopoly money “tips” which all counted toward donations for the cause. Here’s Jonathan Massaquai serving up some shrimp cocktail.



Quarterback Matt Ryan found a new reason for his “Matty Ice” nickname, this time by being bartender. He served up a few drinks but then started getting more tips by taking photos with the guests, and the tips started to pile up.

HuddleUp2014-054 HuddleUp2014-080


Even team owner Arthur Blank refilled wine glasses and greeted guests!

HuddleUp2014-092 HuddleUp2014-100

These lucky folks even got to try on a Super Bowl ring (for tips, of course!!)


Here is one of the trophies the players were competing for: Most Valuable Waiter (the player who received the most tips).



Coach Mike Smith welcomed the group and then dinner was served, steak and lobster. 103 West did a beautiful job of creating a memorable meal! And the players did a great job serving and keeping their tables happy!

HuddleUp2014-036 HuddleUp2014-113


One of the best parts of the night came during dinner though, when players competed again for another trophy: Most Talented.



For this one, the players did Karaoke. And listen, these are professional athletes… you could see their competitive nature by what they put into their performances. They REALLY wanted those tips for CHOA!!

HuddleUp2014-142 HuddleUp2014-145 HuddleUp2014-153 HuddleUp2014-162 HuddleUp2014-169 HuddleUp2014-170 HuddleUp2014-187



Coach Mike Smith wrapped it up with an auction of some great items (including a trip with the team to their game at Lambeau Field! MAN, I wish I could have bid on that one!!) And then players and guests were able to relax back upstairs with a little dancing.

HuddleUp2014-209 HuddleUp2014-258

This was such a fabulous event, and lots of money was raised for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! You want to go next year, don’t you??