Gratitude is contagious. I can’t tell you how much it made my day/week to get this beautiful and thoughtful thank you note and gift from Shalinie after our session. It’s so lovely, both visually and emotionally. As I sit looking at it, I feel so grateful in return. Grateful for the gift, but also grateful that I get to do something so fun and rewarding for a living, grateful to keep growing and learning every day, and grateful for the wonderful people like Shalinie that I get to meet through my work. I think of myself as being focused on recognizing gratitude in my life, but I’m not as good at DOING things like this. It’s an inspiration and I hope to bring more of this to the people in my life in return! Thanks, Shalinie!

Beautiful Thank You Note Butterfly Thank You Card



Do you want to see the wonderful person who did this? She is just as beautiful on the outside! Her hair and makeup were done by the always amazing Scoobie West and I tell you … I felt like I had just photographed Sophia Vergara. She’s almost too gorgeous to be a real person, but she is… AND she’s so awesome?? I’d be feeling jealous if I wasn’t so busy feeling grateful.

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