Yesterday I showed you the Vo family over the last 9 years. Today I’m going to show you the latest addition to the family. Full disclosure though: these images (and Abby) are about 8 months old because I’m so far behind in blogging! But I’m catching up!


When I got there, I loved seeing all the images I took of Owen, Abby’s older brother, on the walls. That makes me SO happy!



And Abby is such a sweetheart.

newborn portraits Atlanta


And they never miss a chance to get team loyalties on display from the very beginning. Or should I say end?




newborn portraits Atlanta newborn portraits Atlanta



When it came time for family portraits, Owen didn’t want to have anything to do with it. But he did want to read books. So we did.

newborn portraits Atlanta


And when Abby needed a change, everyone discovered Owen can climb!





Anytime I’m with this family, I know there will be lots of laughter.

Abby-169 Abby-170


One of the most awesome features of the nursery is this map on the wall next two two windows. And this spot also created one of the most beautiful moments.

Abby-135newborn portraits Atlantanewborn family portraits Atlanta JHS_7723