You’ve seen a lot of advice from brides in this series, but today there is also advice from a groom! Will and Kate took the time  to answer my questions and give you advice for your wedding!

1. What is your best advice for a bride? Or for a groom?

Kate: Always remember what the wedding is about! Your spouse is the one family member you get to pick which makes tying the knot such a special moment! It’s easy to get lost in the details like colors, flowers, and place settings, but I the end, the day is about starting a family.  Just remember to breathe and while it’s fun to plan, try to keep perspective and not let it overwhelm you.


Will: Look at many people in the eye as you can – from your new wife, to your family and all of your friends. Your wedding weekend is the one weekend that you have all of the people that mean the most to you in one place. Years from now you won’t remember the food, flowers, or cake, but you will remember the moments and people that were there. Take the second to appreciate each person there and look everyone in the eye to make that memory.


Both: The best advice we received as a couple was from our pastor. He told us that it’s possible that the cake won’t be on time or the flowers will be wrong but at every wedding he has been to, in the end, two people get married. We repeated that over and over as we planned our day because that’s what is important in the end – you’re getting married! Everything else is just small stuff!


2. What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

Kate: how fast is goes! It’s such a blur so make sure to take a few moments to look around the room and soak up all of the love.

Will: how excited/nervous I was! I never had any moment during the planning that caused me any nerves. But the day of everything hit me and I was a bundle of energy. I couldn’t sit still and I was so excited for the entire day.




3. What was your favorite moment of the day?

Kate: The ceremony was by far the best. It was such a dream to walk down the aisle and exchange our vows.  The most special moment was being presented as husband and wife for the first time to our family and friends! It was surreal!!


Will: Standing on the helipad with Kate and all of our bridesmaids and groomsman. It felt like we were on top of the world, and it was just a fantastic moment to share with our best friends and family.

Wedding party on helipad at Ventanas

4. Did you have any wedding day nerves? What did you do to tame them?

Kate: Of course! Mimosas were key 🙂 I spent the morning of my wedding watching movies with my bridesmaids while we got ready. It calmed my nerves to laugh with some of my most precious friends.


Will: yes! See above – I was a mess throughout the day (and my hangover from the night before didn’t help anything).  I just kept busy, took a lot of deep breaths, and kept drinking water.


5. What did you love (or hate) about wedding planning? What made it easier?

Kate: I hated planning! There is so much pressure to pick the right pieces and there are so many decisions. The best purchase we made for our wedding was our fabulous wedding planner, Jenny with It Takes Two Events. She helped me find a vision true to our style as a couple. It was wonderful to call her when I had questions and have her keep me and our vendors on track. It let me focus on the fun stuff!


Will: Kate handled the LARGE load of the planning, and I’m thankful for her organization and vision.  I enjoyed the tastings and visits to venues, but more so I loved the little moments that Kate and I spent doing all the little “do it yourself” things at home while we binged watched shows in Hulu or Netflix. Like Kate, I know our wedding planner, Jenny, was a true gift – she made everything easier and made our day possible.



6. What advice would you give to newly married couples?

Kate: enjoy it! Take time after the wedding to unplug and unwind.

Will: Take as much time off for the honeymoon and to unwind as you can. I wish I had pushed for more time on our honeymoon because it’s one of the best times to push for a longer vacation.


7. Were there any special moments during the day that you weren’t expecting?

Kate: We went back and forth over whether to somehow provide transportation for our wedding party to get from the church to the venue. In the end we got a small bus, and it was a part of the day we planned but really didn’t think much about. However, that ride was one of my favorite moments of the day. We popped champagne with our best friends and celebrated being Mr. & Mrs.! It was such a fun way to get the party started!

Will: After we finished the pictures on the helipad before the reception, Kate and I were waiting down in the “green room” by ourselves. It was the first real moment that we had to ourselves as husband and wife. We had planned every part of the day down to the minute, and this was just an unexpected 5-10 minutes that we had to reflect (and practice our first dance for the first time).


8. Is there anything about the wedding day you would have planned differently?

Both: Absolutely not! It was perfect!