Wedding images of the Year 2015

2015 was quite a year! I’m blessed to work with beautiful brides, talented and creative vendors, in amazing venues, and with so many wonderful people. As I look back on it, I can’t even believe I’m so lucky as to see such beautiful things and experience so many beautiful moments. Ending the year in gratitude for what I do and for all of you who have participated in the year with me through photography and reading the blog. Thank you so much! So cheers to you all, and also cheers to these awesome things.

Cheers to gorgeous shoes.

Lee-0010 Brantley-0018



Cheers to this amazing bridal manicure.




Cheers to those special moments getting ready for the wedding.




Cheers to this fabulous moment when the father of the bride saw his girl in her gown for the first time.




Cheers to gifts from brides and grooms.



Coffee-0124Schneider-0131 Schneider-0170 Coffee-0122



And especially this moment when the bride found out they were going to Paris on their honeymoon when her soon-to-be husband gave her this.

Williams-0112 Williams-0098



Cheers to these creative groomsmen gifts.

Hilley-0113 Williams-0154 Williams-0148


Cheers to check mate (har har har)



Cheers to gorgeous bouquets.

Vigneault-0125 Schneider-0308 Schneider-0011 Fowler-0599 Coffee-0229


And awesome boutonnieres.

Coffee-0444 Hamilton-157Vigneault-0882



And cheers to this way to remember the bride’s grandmother: by wrapping the bouquet in remnants from her grandmother’s blouse and buttons.



Cheers to these special moments with mothers and fathers.

Coffee-0076 Coffee-0388 Fowler-0075 Vigneault-1047Budde-060

Vo-0800 Vo-0799


Cheers to prayers before the ceremony.




Cheers togrooms.

Fowler-0158 Fowler-0160 Coffee-0431 McNeill-0677 Williams-0265


Cheers to this custom tux (from The Modern Gent)



And of course, brides!

Vo-0432 Vo-0402 Vigneault-0122 Hamilton-161



Cheers to bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Sharpe-0607 Vo-0506 Sharpe-0486 Fowler-0279 Fowler-0198 Brantley-0110 Brantley-0269 Brantley-0101 Brantley-0060


Cheers to veils and tulle and twirling and breezes.

Sharpe-0406 Vigneault-0113 Sharpe-0519 Sharpe-0398 Sharpe-0383

Kim-0120 Kim-0219



And cheers to silhouettes.





Cheers to first looks.

Williams-0286 Williams-0292 Williams-0314





Cheers to spectacular ceremony florals.

Williams-0840 Williams-0696 Williams-0344 Vigneault-0855



Cheers to making an entrance.

Fowler-0889 Fowler-0879 Coffee-0607 Coffee-0621


Even when those entrances include noogies.



Special cheers to this groom’s look as his bride entered the ceremony.





And to this brother of the groom as the bride entered.



Cheers to prayer.

Vigneault-0475 Vigneault-0410 Budde-184


Cheers to first kisses.

Williams-0809 Williams-0807 Williams-0806 Williams-0815




Cheers to rainy day umbrellas and puddles.



Cheers to beautiful views.

Hilley-0541-2_1 Metellus-0155 fspreview4 fspreview2 Brantley-0145



Cheers to quiet moments.

Kim-0376 Williams-0242


Cheers to being able to reproduce this couple’s guest signature frame in photo form.

Vigneault-0956 Vigneault-0713


And cheers to more fun with parasols.

Vigneault-0701 Vigneault-0726

Cheers to spectacular reception decor.

Williams-0964 Williams-0882Williams-0899Metellus-0654Metellus-0648Wedding images of the Year 2015 | wedding decorCoffee-0899Coffee-0956


Williams-0526 Schneider-0760


Cheers to 1000 paper cranes.

Vigneault-0807 Vigneault-0818

And amazing cakes!

Brantley-0879 Coffee-0991 Fowler-0799 Vo-0988


And cheers to when Granny was feeling a little naughty.




Cheers to unique treats, like pies, hot Krispy Kreme with rum sauce, and snow cones!

Williams-1490 Wedding images of the Year 2015 Vigneault-0795 Vigneault-0839

Cheers to cool favors.

Williams-0988 Vo-0951


Cheers to emotional and funny toasts.

Hamilton-858 Hamilton-996 Schneider-0891 Schneider-0896 Schneider-0946 Williams-1071 Williams-1010


And cheers to when one of my favorite toasts of the year was given by the very eloquent son of the bride and groom.


Cheers to special dances.

Coffee-1301 Coffee-1067



And cutting loose.

Fowler-1347 Hamilton-1372 McNeill-0974 McNeill-1084 Vigneault-1285 Vigneault-1377 Williams-1097


Cheers to the trend of putting a garter on a football, which seems to make guys actually want to catch it sometimes.

Brantley-1405 Brantley-1408

Cheers to this particularly competitive bouquet catch.

Brantley-1420-Edit Brantley-1425 Brantley-1431

Cheers to exits, and especially to new beginnings!


Wedding images of the Year 2015