Today I’ve got advice from Kimber & Moziah. They had a super fun wedding at 200 Peachtree, so I’m so happy that they agreed to pass on their experiences for all of you!


What is your best advice for a bride?

I have two suggestions for brides to consider when planning their wedding. If your wedding is on the higher end financially or glamor wise, save save save!!!


If you can afford it, hire a coordinator to help with planning. It’s stress free.

Moziah’s advice for a groom is to make sure you have support from your groomsmen who will help coordinate reminders that a groom may forget. The more minds on board the better.


2. What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

The fact I participated more and was involved in the social side of the night surprised both my husband and I. It went smoothly and allowed us to actually enjoy our guests and have fun.


Moziah’s favorite moment was having a photographer follow him around the whole night.


I personally loved when we arrived to the venue and the bridal party saw our marquee and at that exact moment a crowd turner of a song came on and the bridal party started dancing in the street. Describes our bridal party perfectly.

Davis-0515 Davis-0640

4. Did you have any wedding day nerves? What did you do to tame them?

I did have nerves that day. I silently said a prayer and tuned everyone out to focus on seeing my husband for the first time.


The groom was nerves free. Moreso emotional when the ceremony started.


5. What did you love (or hate) about wedding planning? What made it easier?

I’m a planner by nature so planning wasn’t the problem. I hated the wedding day schedule coordinating. Coming up with a schedule was difficult. Also making sure little details such as table titles and thank you cards be placed correctly on the tables can be a little annoying.


6. What advice do you have for newly married couples?

Enjoy your honeymoon. Sleep late, order in and enjoy each other. This process is so much fun so enjoy yourselves.


8. Is there anything about the wedding day you wish you would have planned differently?

Adding a gobo on the dance floor would have given the wedding day that finishing touch.