You’ve seen the details of Ashley and Adam’s sweet, pretty wedding, and now you get to hear from them! They took the time to answer some questions about their experience to help more brides and grooms get through this crazy thing called wedding planning!


What is your best advice for a bride or groom?

Your marriage is about you and your soon to be husband or wife. Try to accommodate people but be sure to make the day special for the two of you. You are creating memories, not just an event.

Wedding at Roswell Historic Cottage

What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?

Ashley: My gift from Adam. It just shocked me how sentimental it was.

Adam:  How “to plan” everything went. Everyone says there is no ‘perfect wedding’, but I feel that ours came pretty darn close.



What was your favorite moment of the day?

Ashley:  Dancing with Adam.
Adam:  Our first dance. We had spent a little over a month on a crash course of dance instruction and choreography. Neither one of us had ever had a lesson. It caused worry, added stress, and immense time management in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, but we pretty much nailed it!


Did you have any wedding day nerves? What did you do to tame them?

Ashley:  I just had nerves about everything going to plan, as far as details, planning, and timing. To calm them, I drank some champagne and hung out by myself for 10 minutes and just remembered that it was about Adam and I and not just about one day.
Adam:  No, not really. Ashley and I have been together so long and through so much that there wasn’t any worries.

What did you love (or hate) about wedding planning? What made it easier?

We hated how much time it consumed. Doing it together made it easier. Holding our wedding at a venue that allows 100% outside vendors allowed us to have a large amount of control about making it what we wanted and being able to put our personal touches on it. That part we liked.

Wedding first dance at Roswell Historic Cottage

What advice would you give to newly married couples?

Keep everything in perspective. What is going to matter in 5 years?  That doesn’t mean to be dismissive. It just means to not be petty and to be nice to each other.


Were there any special moments during the day that you weren’t expecting?

Ashley’s dad choking up during his toast.

father of the bride toast

Is there anything about the wedding day you would have planned differently?

We would’ve made it last longer or made it go in slow motion. Everyone says it’s a blur and we had planned for that and thought we did a good job but it still flew by.