This family has such a special place in my heart. I know I’m kind of a broken record when I talk about seeing a couple from before they are married, at the wedding, and then watching their children grow. Well, seeing Kinley turn One is such a great joy! And it doesn’t hurt that she has a charming smile, the cutest little legs, and the BLUEST eyes. I don’t even know if “bluest” is a word, but if it isn’t, I’m gonna send pics of Kinley’s eyes to the fancy official word committee and they’ll agree for sure. Anyhoo, we did Kinley’s one year portraits at Roswell Mill, and she just couldn’t be cuter.

Oh, and did I mention the tutu? Check out this level of happiness.

Family Portraits at Roswell Mill One year portraits at Roswell Mill


My absolute favorite part of the session was when Kinley’s older sister, unprompted, walked over proclaiming what a great job Kinley was doing, and gave her a reward kiss. Kindly agreed.

one year portraits at Roswell Mill Family Portraits at Roswell Mill



Taylor-08-2016-099 Family Portraits at Roswell Mill


These closeups really get me. The eyes, the flower, and her cute little coy looks. I’m all melty still looking at her.

One year old portraits One year portraits One year portraits


And she’s especially happy to be STANDING.

One year portraits One year portraits


Okay, look. This might be my favorite couple images. Kinley got up to stand and while I was practically crying with adoration over these CUTE LITTLE LEGS, she turns around and gives me the BEST pose. Oh, hello Baby Model!

Taylor-08-2016-166 One year old portraits


Big Sister Charlotte is absolutely adorable, and those gorgeous eyes clearly run in the family. As does the super sweet disposition and easy smile.

One year portraitsTaylor-08-2016-173

Playing with Daddy.



And they brought a prop. Love these O.N.E. letters.


One year portraitsOne year portraits

One year portraits


As we got toward the end of the session we did some pics with each parent and the girls, and I love this moment where Charlotte plopped down on Mom’s legs. That look on her face! Sweet, silly girl!