Yesterday I showed you the session I gave to Carol and her family. Today I’m back to show you the second session I gave away, to Christy and her two children at Barrington Hall in Roswell. I got this lovely note from Vanessa:

My sister is a single mom to her 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter. She does an incredible job homeschooling her son, providing for her family, and being an amazing friend to many all while caring for her daughter who has a lung disease which requires oxygen 22 hrs a day. We lived 10 minutes from them but recently moved out of state, and it’s been a hard adjustment for all of us. She does a great job single parenting, but things are still hard and a photo shoot is always out of fitting into the budget. I know these pictures will brighten her day and be a blessing in her life as well as treasured memories for years to come.

So I took Christy, Jack and Sophie to Barrington Hall for a session. They are so sweet together and I’m grateful yet again for the chance to meet them and share their story.