Jonathan is one obedient baby. He was due on December 26, but his mom, Krystalyn, was hoping he’d come into the world about a week earlier so they could be home as a family for Christmas. Well, he listened… one week before Christmas, he joined the world, and I was there a few days later to see him settling in at home.

Oh, check out this adorable outfit Jonathan wore… I’ll tell you more about it further down in the post.

Newborn Portraits Atlanta


I was loving how protective the dog was. He’d run into the room when Jonathan made noise, and kept a close eye on things.

newborn and dog Dog licking baby feet

Big Sis Amelia got in on  the action too, starting with a kiss for her little brother.

newborn photos with sibling

More Amelia smiles!

You know, I have to say, my favorite times are those when Mom is just soothing the baby. Those quiet, normal, real-life moments.

newborn photos


Amelia really liked the furry baby blankets.

How cute is this little crochet hat and diaper cover? Get this, not only did Krystalyn crochet this herself, she was finishing making it WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR.

newborn photos atlanta