I had this weekend off. OFF. As in no shoots scheduled the entire weekend. The last time that happened was the beginning of August, about 6 months ago. And YAY for being busy, but I do like a day off now and again too. So what did I plan? an art photography shoot, of course!

Here’s the thing: I love photography, and I love what I do. But I also work for my clients. I want to produce images that my clients will love, and while that is creative, fun and fulfilling, it has been way too long since I’ve shot something just for ME. Just for fun. Just to reconnect with my creativity in a different way. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with an image in my mind I wanted to create. It was stark and ethereal, in a foggy wintery woods. Nick agreed to take the afternoon with me, so we grabbed some lights, the fog machine, a generator, a wind machine (cough cough — leaf blower) and headed to the woods. My model for this project was Jennifer, whose wedding I shot TEN years ago, and who has been a friend and client ever since. Special thanks to both Jennifer and Nick for helping me with this. We had a great time!

My goal was really just to get a single image, but y’all know I’m notorious for saying “just one more…” Anyway, this one is the closest to my original vision:

And here are just a few more: