FUN Family Portraits

You know what I love about family portraits? Each family has it’s own personality. It’s own inside jokes. Some families are elegant, some are silly, some are snuggly. And I love when our family portrait session can really show off what’s special about your family. Portraits don’t have to be posed and stuffy, they can be fun and playful and really show off who you are.

One of my favorite families is the Goldsteins. We’ve been friends since I shot their wedding, and now they’re a family of four. They’re fun and playful and silly and absolutely hilarious. So our session reflected their personalities. We had fun, we ran around (well, mostly the kids), we joked, played games, and they just loved on each other. It makes me so happy to see a family with a connection like this. One of these days I’m probably just going to show up at their house for dinner and pretend I’ve always lived there and see if they notice.

Aren’t they adorable?

Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits

When I started to do a photo of Mom & Dad (a/k/a Jan and Larry) the party was quickly crashed.


This particular pose has become a tradition for our sessions.

Fun Family Portraits

Of course we did some regular portraits too…

Which was quickly followed with more bunny ears.

Fun Family Portraits kisses for mom

The other thing I love about these sessions is seeing Shane snuggle with his Mom.

Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits

Another thing that’s becoming tradition with us, is our Rock Star pose.

Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits


We finished our session at this rock path across the stream. The sun was breaking through the trees in such a perfect way that it felt ethereal.

Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits Fun Family Portraits