One of the things I most love about weddings is getting a peek into the personalities and lives of my couples, learning about who they are and what makes them special. Your wedding is a great reflection of who you are as a couple! It’s a great opportunity to create personal details and moments to make the day special and memorable for both you and your guests. Beyond wowing your guests, crafting a wedding that really shows who you are as individuals and together will make it unique, special and entirely yours. Here are some ideas for big and small touches to add throughout the day.

Family Heirlooms

Traditions play such a meaningful role in weddings, but for brides there can be so many opportunities to include these small touches. Take lace from a loved one’s wedding dress and add it to your bouquet, or make use of vintage handkerchiefs and beloved family jewelry as beautiful ways to carry on traditions and even make new ones to honor loved one. 

Old new borrowed blue
personalized wedding table names

Engraved Items for Grooms (or Brides!)

Personalized items with messages and meaningful dates that can be cherished for years to come are always a good idea for grooms. Cufflinks, watches and tie clips can all be engraved and carry messages to be shared before the wedding and for all your special moments to follow. And you can also embroider messages on shirts, pants and jackets! If you choose to present these gifts on the day of the wedding, just be sure you plan ahead for the gift opening on the day to stay on schedule.

Want to see some cool examples? Every bride needs a button-down shirt for hair and makeup, why not do what Lisa did and make it special?

bride clothing embroidery

And I loved how Brian had his signature embroidered on his shirt, and had special touches made for his groomsmen too.

Groom shirt embroidery signature
Groomsman suit customization

Vows & Music

Writing your own vows and crafting a ceremony that speaks to you as a couple and the life you’re building together are amazing and meaningful personal moments to share with each other and your families. I love it when couples write their own vows, it really gives a glimpse into what’s important to each of you and your lives together. I’ve even used those vows as an overlay or addition to the wedding album, so you can see those vows whenever you look through your album!

bride writing vows

And bringing in music that is meaningful to you as a couple to play during the ceremony or as guests wait also creates a beautiful mood and atmosphere to begin your celebration. I’ll never forget this wedding … Terrance is a great musician, and he wrote a song for their wedding. Not only was it beautifully performed during the ceremony, but they included the lyrics as a page in their wedding program. There was not a dry eye in the room.

Ceremony music

Family Photo Display

Personal touches don’t just have to be of you and your partner, weddings are also about two lives coming together. Create a wall or display to show off past life events, loved ones and how you both got to this day. This gives guests something to admire during cocktail hour and is a heartfelt way to include loved ones who might no longer be with us to celebrate.

family photo display at wedding
wedding family photo display

Cocktail Hour

The time between ceremony and reception is one of the biggest opportunities to truly make your style shine. Creating specialty cocktails and creative appetizers are a great way for couples to set the vibe they want for the rest of the night. These beauties were created by Lighthouse Cocktails.

wedding signature drinks
wedding signature drinks

Transforming spaces in unexpected ways is also a quick way to convey style while keeping guests comfortable. Just one example, rustic chic is a big trend at the moment, create an outdoor space with a tent and bringing in budget-friendly seating and a chandelier for a unique, stylish area for guests to enjoy. 

Themed Table Numbers & Seating Cards

Find fun memories or your favorite activities to do together to create custom details that make for a unique event that’s entirely your own. Carry any theme through into your signage, table markers or favors. Love to travel? Make each table a destination rather than number and include pictures or souvenirs as decor. Maybe music is your passion as a couple, make each table a meaningful song with a note why to let your guests learn a little more about you as they mingle.

One of my favorites was this Peter-Pan themed wedding, with each table carefully styled by the bride with locations from Peter Pan. So creative and special!

Themed table numbers
wedding themed table numbers