Now that you’ve gotten the chance to see some of my favorite events of 2019, it’s time for some of my favorite wedding photos of 2019! Some of them I love for the emotional moments, some I love the light, some the composition, some because I got to play a bit.

My Favorite Getting Ready Photos

When the light comes through the window just right.

Wedding shoes and Chanel perfume

There’s something about this image of Sana putting her shoes on that just speaks to me.

bride putting shoes on

When Nona was getting ready, the light was so beautiful.

Bride putting on lipstick
Bride getting dressed

And this one I just love the angle. While Nona was getting final makeup touches, the train of the dress was spread so beautifully on the ground and it just created this great look.

bridal dress train

When Ashley’s bridesmaids got to see her in her dress, there was so much love in the room!

And this image, as she walked down the hallway about to see her groom, just speaks to me. There’s something about this moment of anticipation.

Bride walking down hall

And then there’s this moment when Cat’s new stepdaughter helped her get ready. So sweet, and such gorgeous light.

And the way the light fell through Sammy’s veil as she got dressed.

bride getting dressed

Oh, and the light in this dressing room as Amanda got dressed. So gorgeous.

bride in dressing room

I really love when I get to see Mendhi being done. So intricate, and I’m amazed at how quickly they can create such beautiful designs!

The images that really get me though, are when you can sense the anticipation, like when Jessica came down the stairs for the ceremony.

My Favorite Ring Shots

wedding rings

When I saw these doves, I couldn’t resist.

My Favorite Decor and Details

One of my favorite parts of shooting weddings is the beautiful decor and personal details. It continually amazes me what vendors are able to do to be new and creative! Let’s start with this amazing ceremony decor from one of my all-time favorite friends/vendors, Edge Design Group, at Ventanas. Such a great view of the city as a backdrop for these gorgeous florals! I’m also a huge fan of the circular chair layout.

Ceremony altar rooftop wedding at Ventanas Atlanta
Ceremony decor by Edge Design Grup

And then, after the ceremony, guests came in to see this room absolutely DRIPPING with florals, set against the city lights. It took my breath away.

Reception table decor by Edge Design Group at Ventanas Atlanta
Red floral hanging centerpiece by Edge Design Group
Hanging centerpiece by Edge Design Group at Ventanas Atlanta

Switching gears … this detail comes from Sammy & Adam’s wedding where they had people sign individual Jenga tiles! I love this modern guestbook idea, because it will be entertaining for them for so many years to come!

On that theme of non-traditional wedding details, I loved this seating chart! Each frame shows who is seated at that table.

Seating chart in florals and frames

This is one of my favorite details for me personally. Sammy’s bouquet featured images of her departed loved ones. Which also happen to be my dad, my stepmom, and my brother. Every time I look at this photo I just love seeing their faces and knowing that they walked down the aisle with Sammy.

And yet another fantastic personal detail from this wedding. Sammy used the lace detail from her mother’s wedding dress to create a hair piece. Not only is it SO beautiful, it chokes me up.

Oh, and listen, I’ve seen hundreds of weddings, and it’s rare that I see something I haven’t ever seen before, but here’s one! This patch Sammy sewed onto the back of her dad’s tie. He will always be able to wear this tie and remember this day.

Coming to you next from Cat and Jorge’s wedding. They had a very intimate backyard wedding, but this all-white decor proves that an intimate wedding can still be really beautiful! I love the estate table!

white estate table

And on the tables, the decor got equally gorgeous. These transparent acrylic menu cards and name cards were so gorgeous, people wanted to take them home.

acrylic menu cards

Oh, and at the ceremony, I loved how the seating was eclectic, featuring these white sofas. It created such an inviting, welcoming feel to the backyard ceremony.

comfortable ceremony seating

Nona and Navid’s wedding was an absolute stunner. The Sofreh table was just gorgeous, and set off by a beautiful floral backdrop and aisle decor. More amazingness by Edge Design Group! It made for great portraits too!

Sofreh table for Persian wedding

And you know, seeing the two of them walk down this gorgeous aisle … it feels timeless.

And then, those same details were used for the reception, with the addition of more details. I love these cascading crystals!

I also really loved their stationery! This delicate gold leaf set the tone for the day.

I love it when people create a creative gift bag for their out of town guests, especially when they feature the best of Atlanta, like Coke, peanuts, Peach candies and Grits Bits. (I LOVE Grits Bits. If you haven’t tried them, DO. They are delicious little grits snacks, that taste kind of like a cheese stick. Yum.)

Georgia gift bag for out of town wedding guests

You know how much I love a wedding signature drink. Well, if you didn’t, you do now! But this one I love EXTRA because they named it after their dog, Scout.

Wedding signature cocktail sign

Want to meet Scout? She had a beautiful floral collar for the occasion.

Dog floral collar for wedding

My Favorite Wedding Portraits

This spot at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta is one of my favorites. It’s so classic, so regal.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta
wedding photo at Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

And I so loved the detail in Sana’s dress and veil!

Bridal gown and veil

I do love capturing the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wait, that sounds like I’m holding them hostage or something, but nope, I just wanna take pics of people looking all gorgeous and suave.

Groomsmen at Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

I will always love the combination of a long veil and a bit of breeze.

Bride and Groom

Especially on the helipad at Ventanas!

Bride on helipad at Ventanas Atlanta
Bride on helipad at Ventanas

At Amanda and Aditya’s wedding at The Clinton Library in Little Rock, it might have been rainy but it didn’t keep us from getting some lovely shots indoors! I loved these big windows in the Atrium!

Bride and Groom at Clinton Library

And there’s something I love about this image of the two of them walking off together.

Those big windows were also a great setting for some closeups of the two of them, and this one is a favorite of mine because you can see that for just a moment, it’s like there is no one else in the room.

And when Sammy and Adam wanted to go to Lambeau Field for some portraits, I was SO excited. Watching Packer games was my family’s favorite activity, and it was so fun to get some images outside the stadium.

Bride and groom at Lambeau Field
Bride and Groom at Lambeau Field

They even allowed us to borrow a couple of cheeseheads!

And while I was off shooting the bride and groom at the top of the stairs, I came back to find the ladies having their own Bridesmaids moment.

Some of my favorite portraits are when I can play with interesting light and backgrounds.

Bride and Groom with Stained Glass windows

Or, If I don’t have great light, I create my own.

And then there are cool settings, like at the bar we went to after photos for Sammy and Adam. I really can’t decide if I like the color or black and white version better.

bride and groom at bar
bride and groom at bar

They actually got married at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, and we were also able to find a few spots of spectacular light there.

Let’s talk about some unexpected spots for portraits! I loved this spot. The funny thing is that the entire wall is only as wide as what you see, but even though it was tucked away in a corner, it seemed so perfect for a bridal portrait.

Or how about this very elegant looking elevator bay?

Or when Sammy happened to sit on the floor in this spectacular stream of light. You’d never know that she was sitting on the floor of a bar, right next to a video game. Even the concrete floor looks kind of magical in this light.

Here is another favorite. We were waiting for Amanda to be called in for the ceremony, and she hid from people by tucking herself into a tiny doorway for a conference room at the hotel. But the color of the wall and the light coming in from across the hall were just perfect for some impromptu portraits.

As much as I love being able to create a cool portrait in an unexpected spot, I have to love when I just get to shoot in a beautiful place. Like a helipad when there’s a gorgeous blue sky and the nearly setting sun casts the soft clouds in romantic pink tones.

Here’s a photo I love… because I was able to place Amanda and Aditya right in front of this massive photo of the bridges over the Arkansas river, which was right outside the hotel. It’s a view I wouldn’t have been able to create in real life, at least not without dangling us over the water.

My Favorite Creative Photos

I love it when I get the chance to be creative and do some different things. I especially love double exposures.

bride and groom double exposure

And I had extra fun with double exposures when we were shooting from the helipad at Ventanas.

Groomsmen double exposure from rooftop at Ventanas

I also loved this image of Nona. I shot it through the chandelier at The Whitley

My Favorite Bride and Groom Moments

Y’all know that for me, it’s all about the moments, so now we’re getting into my favorite part of what I do. It’s so special to me to see people laugh and cry and dance and hug. It’s the moments that energize me.

Every bride dreams of how her groom will be moved to tears upon seeing her in her wedding dress. Honestly, it doesn’t happen very often. But Nima’s reaction to seeing Sana is one I will always remember. It gives me goosebumps.

Bride and Groom first look
Bride and Groom first look

As much as I adore those tearful greetings, I also love the pure admiration on Navid’s face as he saw his bride.

bride and groom first look

Then there was Melanie and Ezra’s bedeken. He was brought in on the shoulders of his friends, and before he place the veil over Melanie’s face, the two of them had this joyful and loving moment where they seemed so alone in the midst of this celebratory crowd.

Bride and groom bedeken
bride and groom bedeken

And this snuggle as we were in between group photos.

bride and groom

My Favorite Wedding Ceremony Moments

I want to start with this image of Brooke Alford and her violin.

Brooke Alford wedding violin Atlanta

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple spend so much of the ceremony gazing adoringly at each other! From the moment she reached him at the aisle and they had this sweet snuggle, they looked at each other with so much love and appreciation until the very end of the ceremony. It was so wonderful to see. Are they not just the sweetest thing??

bride and groom meeting in aisle
Persian bride and groom during wedding ceremony
bride and groom during ceremony

Before Amanda and Aaditya’s wedding, the baraat ceremony started in the street, with the crowd dancing and singing Aaditya’s approach to the wedding.

Baraat Ceremony

Another great time before the ceremony was when Melanie’s friends and family greeted her before the ceremony. There was so much sweet emotion. Then after Ezra placed the veil, there was a prayer.

wedding prayers with parents

The wedding ceremony for Cat and Jorge was so special to me. Jorge’s to children were part of the ceremony, and Cat’s vows included not just her new husband, but her new family. My heart still skips a little beat when I see these images of their emotions during the ceremony.

For sheer adorableness, I just have to love this little sweetheart making her way down the aisle, then offering her bouquet to the groom.

flower girl going down the aisle
flower girl

Although she is followed pretty closely by this little dude. I don’t know who he was giving the stink face to during the ceremony, but it was adorable. Especially because the flower girl was having NONE of this nonsense.

And then there’s these two, keeping themselves busy.

And then… OH MY GOD, this sweetness.

And some of my favorite ceremony images are ones like these. You don’t always need to see someone’s face to get a feel for the moment.

So often my favorite moments are right after the ceremony. Like this one, where Ashley and Josh paused in the hallway for this private “we did it!” moment.

And on the opposite end of those private moments, is when Melanie and Ezra were escorted in a crowd of dancing friends and family after their ceremony.

Bride and groom after wedding ceremony

And then there’s the moment between Brooke, her mom, and her new husband’s mother after the ceremony. I love this.

bride with mothers

My Favorite Wedding Reception Moments

Oh, so many favorite moments!

Let’s start with a first dance, so elegant!

bride and groom first dance

But sometimes when a couple dances, it’s not just them, but seeing the reactions to them. I loved the joyous celebration by Sana and Nima’s guests!

Nona and Navid were absolutely adorable during their first dance. I rarely see a couple that is so over-the-moon happy just to be sharing life with each other. It’s just like they’re thinking “oh my God, can you believe how lucky I am to be with this person?”

wedding reception first dance

It’s not just the bride and groom first dance that has a lot of emotion, it’s often the mother/son father/daughter dances. Like when Sammy danced with her dad while her mom took a video on her phone.

bride and father dance
bride dance with mom
bride dancing with grandfather

Let’s talk about toasts and speeches! Another one of my favorite parts of the day to photograph. I love hearing the stories people tell, I love seeing the emotional reactions. So much love, so many laughs, so many tears, and some of them are even my own.

bride and groom during toasts

When people ask me about why I love wedding photography, a lot of it is because of the great times! Who can be unhappy in the middle of this much fun?!?

wedding reception dancing
bride during reception
wedding reception dancing

Especially the hora and special dances. I’ll never get tired of seeing people lifted on chairs and tossed in the air!

So there you go! Some of my favorite wedding photos of 2019! I want to say thanks again to all the couples who trust me with their wedding. I love you all and I’m so grateful to get to be a part of so much love and so much beauty!