Family sessions are always such a fun to photograph. Each family is different and there’s nothing like trying to capture their personality. The Hafeli family was full of charm, warmth, love and fun! Looking at their pictures makes my heart melt.

I hope that looking at this beautiful family will give you inspiration for your family session and even leave you a little bit happier. I swear they absolutely lit up a pretty cold windy day in Decatur Square.

Family Session Decatur Square
Silly Father Daughter Photos

The entire family is so expressive! And the wind just makes this even more perfect.

Mother Daughter Photos
Laughing sisters photos

These girls were so sweet and adorable!. They laughed and hugged and held hands, and just cracked themselves up the entire time. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen two sisters just enjoy each other SO much.

Laughing sisters photos
Family Photo Session Decatur, GA
Family Photo Session Decatur, GA

And I see where they get it, because the entire family was just so much fun. I love seeing a family be silly together, it reminds me of early memories with my dad and how I still carry those moments with me.

Urban Alley Family Photo
Urban Family Photo
Silly Family Photo
Black and White Little Girl Portrait
Smiling child with a big bow
Girl with a big blue bow
Husband kissing his wife

As I did some photos of Mom and Dad, the girls grabbed the blanket and just snuggled up underneath it. I didn’t pose them this way, they just did it on their own, which are my absolute favorite photos.

Sisters wrapped up in a cozy blanket
Winter Family Photo Session with a cozy blanket
Curly Hair Little Girl Portrait

I loved just watching the girls and letting them explore a bit.

Decatur, Georgia
Daughters Kissing Mom
Daughters Kissing Dad

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