For over 15 years of photographing weddings I have never seen the bride and groom have so much fun at their own wedding. There are so many traditions to observe and steps to go through that it’s so easy to get caught up in all the actions and forget to have fun. Alissa and Adam’s fun and silliness radiated throughout the entire wedding and it brought so much joy to me and all the guests.

How to have fun at your wedding:

  1. Show your true authentic self.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be silly. This makes it for a fun day and results in some really beautiful photos and great memories.
  3. Don’t stick to traditions or details just because it’s “what everyone does”. Make your wedding a reflection of your personality.
  4. Include a photo booth for guests to take silly pictures in.
  5. Dance like no one is watching.

Wedding Portraits

Intimate Bride and Groom Wedding Portraits
Bride and Groom Portraits
Bridal Portraits
Bride Portraits
Casual Bride and Groom Portrait
Black and White Bride and Groom Portrait
Groomsmen Portrait
Bridesmaid Portraits
Groomsmen Portrait
Bridal Portrait
Silly Wedding Party Portraits
Wedding Party Portraits
Family Wedding Portraits
Ring Bearers Portrait
Bride with Ring Bearers Portrait
Family Wedding Portrait


Wedding Dress
Wedding Invitation
Bridal Bouquet
Groom Boutonniere
Wedding Signs
White Wedding Chuppah
Wedding Florals
Wedding Venue, Renaissance Atlanta Waverly
Wedding Place Cards
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly, wedding decor
Wedding Dessert


Veiled Bride | Bedeken
Ketubah Signing
Bride and Groom Ceremony
Ring Bearers
Cutest Flower Girl
Groom waiting for his bride
Bride Walking Down the Aisle
Bride Walking Down the Aisle
Bride and Groom at the Chuppah
Bride and Groom at the Chuppah
Exchange of the Rings Under the Chuppah
Wedding Kiss
Ceremony Exit


Bride and Groom Entrance
Bride and Groom Reception Entrance
Bride and Groom First Dance
Bride and Groom First Dance
Bride and Groom First Dance
Ring Bearers Dancing
Wedding Toasts
Wedding Speeches
Cake Cutting
Groom Feeds Cake to Bride
Mother Son Dance
Father Daughter Dance
Bride Raised on Chair
Reception Fun
Wedding Reception Silliness
Wedding Guest at Reception
Children at Weddings
Silly Wedding Guests
Silly Wedding Guests
Bride and Groom Photo Booth
Unicorns at Wedding Reception
Wedding Shots
Silly Wedding Guests
Bride and Groom Wedding Exit

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