Wedding Photography Tips

Here are a few tips to make your wedding photography even better!

  1. Master the art of the same-side hug.
    When you make your way around the reception greeting people, you’ll be getting and giving lots of hugs. But often those hugs only get ONE of your faces.
    If you hug from the same side so that you’re both facing the same direction, you give your photographer a great opportunity to capture a great moment of emotion from BOTH of you!
  2. Do an engagement session to get to know your photographer.
  3. Be aware of the sunset time when you set the schedule for the day.
  4. Allow enough time for portraits.
  5. Know the restrictions of your church and the officiant before the ceremony.
  6. Lighting, lighting, lighting!
  7. Assign a photo “runner”.
  8. Have a schedule for reception events.
  9. Relax!
  10. Make sure your dress is well fitted, then forget about it.